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Drive-By Occupancy Inspector - Hammond, LA

  2023-05-26     National Mortgage Field Services     Hammond,LA  

Great job for Uber Drivers, Lyft, Door Dash, Uber Eats, Pizza delivery, etc.
What Do Mortgage Field Service Contractors Do?

By law, mortgage companies and banks are required to document the occupancy and physical condition of all mortgaged loans. To do this they send a Property Inspector to the physical property to take specific photos and to reasonably determine if the property is occupied or vacant. The property inspector then reports the general condition of the property using a mobile app.

Mortgage Field Service Inspectors are Property Inspectors who:

*Determine if a property is occupied or vacant.

*Rate the property as Good, Fair, or Poor.

*Take photos of the property using your smart cell phone.

*Fill out a form on your cell phone using a downloadable app.

*Answer multiple choice questions about the property condition.


*Must be able to pass a criminal background check.

*Must have dependable transportation (good gas mileage is a plus).

*Must have a smartphone (Android or iPhone).

*Must have a printer/scanner (or easy access to both).

*Must a desktop/laptop or tablet to print forms.


Income-based on area and volume.

Most inspectors can complete several inspections an hour.

Rural areas may pay more per inspection on average.

The faster inspections are completed, the more inspections are provided.

Based on 1099 contractor work. No resume required.

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