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Customer Service Representative, Work From Home Option

  2024-06-06     All cities,AK  

**Working as a Retail Sales Associate**

Depending on their roles, qualifications, specialization and years of experience, a retail sales associate may:

* Greet customers and offer them assistance

* Answer customers' questions

* Add up customers' total purchases and accept payment

* Recommend merchandise based on customers' wants and needs

* Inform customers about current sales, promotions, and policies about payments and exchanges.

* Explain the use and benefit of merchandise to customers

* Show how merchandise works, if applicable

**Additional compensation**

Commission $10,000 per year **Most common benefits**

* Employee discount

* Store discount

* AD&D insurance

* Flexible schedule

* Employee assistance program

Search Location location Search Location location 3.3 Compensation/Benefits **Pros**Good work experience

**Sales and Customer Service**

Written by Retail Sales Associate (Current Employee) at - Las Vegas, NV February 14, 2015 I open the registers and ensure the merchandise is displayed perfectly. I help the customers make the decision of what products they need. I continually learn about our products to help our customers make better decisions. Sometimes I have to close my department at store closing. I have a great management team that helps me learn company policies and product knowledge. My co-workers and I work as a team to better help our customers. I feel the hardest part of this job is you can't please all the customers all the time. I can't let that bother my performance. I really enjoy finding the right product for my customer's loved ones.

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It's important to prepare for a retail sales associate interview. Arrive 15 minutes early and be prepared with knowledge about the company, why you want to work there, and why you are a great fit for the position. Be sure to dress professionally. Make eye contact throughout the interview and answer questions in an honest and professional manner. Thank your interviewer for their time and reiterate your interest in working with them.

Retail stores have different policies regarding background checks for retail sales associate. Whether or not a background check will be required should be disclosed during the application process and be in compliance with local, state and federal laws. Background checks may vary by location and type but most will include basic identity verification, national criminal registry check, and national sex offender check.

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