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Director of Children's Ministry

  2021-05-05     Faith Presbyterian Church     16330 Hwy 1085     $20,000-$25,000 year  

The leadership of Faith Presbyterian Church [FPC] has prayerfully chosen to hire a Director of Children’s Ministries.  This position will begin part-time (20 hours per week), but will likely expand in years to come.

Who is Faith?

Faith Presbyterian is a growing family church in an exurb of New Orleans. As a community, our focus is investing in people so that Christ’s Kingdom spreads near and far. Truly, we seek to equip the people of God for every good work. We have several major initiatives on the horizon:

  1. We are in the process of planting a Portuguese-speaking church in our area,
  2. Throughout 2021, we intend to continue reopening the ministries shut down by COVID-19 (including Sunday School and Children’s Worship), and
  3. By the end of 2021, we hope to have built a new Children’s Ministry Building.

Characteristics of Future Employees

All future employees of Faith Presbyterian Church should have the following characteristics:


  • Has a loving and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Is an active member in good standing at an evangelical Christian church
  • Engaged in personal accountability and discipleship with other Christians
  • Regularly serves the people of God inside and outside the Church
  • Willing to support a Reformed evangelical view of God, Scripture, and the Gospel,
    including the Constitution of the EPC, as well as the By-Laws, Policies, and Position Papers of Faith Presbyterian Church


  • A self-starter, who is willing to try new things
  • Communicates well to a broad spectrum of people
  • Naturally intuitive and self-educating
  • Open to teaching and direction
  • Trustworthy and known for integrity, able to keep confidence


  • Comfortable working in a ministry setting
  • Able to work on teams where conflict and consensus are cultivated
  • Effectively maintains good boundaries between work life and home/personal life
  • Enjoys a work environment that can be driven and focused at times, while casual and spirited at other times
  • Able to work with people of multiple generations, perspectives, and backgrounds

Job Description: Director of Children’s Ministries

We want to hire a Ministry Director whose primary focus will be coordinating and leading all the children’s ministries up through middle school. The purpose of this role is three-fold: (1) to love the children of FPC, (2) to make young disciples of Jesus in partnership with parents, and (3) to coordinate the children’s ministries of FPC. Here is a description of the job and its requirements:


The Director of Children’s Ministries will be responsible for:

  • Discipleship of Children: our congregation partners with and comes alongside covenant families in the work of discipling children. A key part of that ministry is on Sunday mornings with Sunday School and Children’s Worship. The Director of Children’s Ministries would be responsible to oversee those ministries and any other new initiatives.
    Because of this hands-on duty, it will be expected that this person will be present at Faith on Sunday mornings as an active participant.
  • Empowerment of Parents and Other Caregivers: while our adult discipleship ministries will have occasional ministries for equipping Christian parents and caretakers, this position has special potential to encourage and direct parents and other caregivers in how to disciple children. In order to accomplish this, the Director will implement the tools currently at our disposal, including the Catechism for Small Children and the DWELL Curriculum take-home activities.
  • Relational Encouragement of Children and Families: the Director will be responsible to make intentional efforts to connect with children and families at important moment in their lives. This would include things like sending birthday cards and celebrating big transitional moments (infant baptism, profession of faith/first communion, graduation to new ministries or new seasons of life).
  • Discipleship of Congregation: work with the Pastor to create training and service opportunities for church members to fulfill their baptismal vow to aid parents in the discipleship of their children, either in regard to their personal lives or in regard to volunteer ministry opportunities.
  • Volunteer Management: work closely with our current children’s church and nursery volunteers to continue their current ministry and to deepen it. Recruit new volunteers to lead new ministries. Coordinate communication between teams and diverse team members.

    We understand that the person who fills this role will likely be joining us in the middle of a building project! While their input will be valuable and expected, they will not be responsible as the leader of that process. Instead, they will likely come alongside the staff and volunteers already engaged in the process.
  • Event Planning: plan any events necessary for Children’s ministries within allocated budget. Coordinate calendar with other staff and volunteers.
  • Collaboration: we expect that the Director of Children’s Ministry will need to work closely with our Pastor and Director of Music to coordinate opportunities and special events for children. He or she will need to be comfortable working in a team environment.
  • Communication: work in coordination with pastoral staff to communicate whatever news needs to be distributed to parents, children, and the whole congregation concerning these ministries.
  • Other Staff Duties: this person will be expected to attend weekly staff meetings, quarterly staff development days, and annual vision retreats.

Beyond the characteristics for all employees listed above, candidates for Director of Children’s Ministries should:

  1. Be a person who takes initiative and enjoys innovation. Necessarily, this person must be willing to take risks, to fail, and to try again.
  2. Have a proven ability to connect and identify with both parents and children on a personal level.
  3. Be experienced with discipling children in the home or in the Church. While it is not necessary that this person have served in a Children’s Ministry staff role, that experience will be helpful. Additionally, it is not required that candidates be parents themselves.
  4. Able to work within a budget.
  5. Demonstrably able to set and achieve goals.
  6. Demonstrate an appearance and attitude appropriate to the culture of Faith Presbyterian Church.
  7. Maintain grace and poise under pressure.
  8. Be discreet with regard to confidential information.
  9. Educational and denominational requirements:
    • A college or seminary degree in a field related to this ministry or a proven track record in children’s ministry.
    • Currently an active member in good standing at an evangelical church.
  1. Computer skills:
    • Proficient with basic computing skills, including word processing and
      spreadsheet applications.
    • Experienced or willing to learn how to use email and social media

How to apply

If this sounds like you, please email your resume to Beth Bowles at, along with your answers to the following six questions in the body of the email. Please answer each question in one hundred words or less.

(1) Do you meet all the qualifications listed above?

(2) Do any of the duties described above give you pause?

(3) Why are you the ideal candidate?

(4) How would you describe your spiritual journey?

(5) Why do you want this job?

(6) Can you provide contact information for the following, so that we may get
references: a recent boss/employer, your mentor, your pastor, and a close friend or colleague?

Thanks for considering this position. We look forward to hearing from you. We will respond to your email within two business days.

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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